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MJ Top 10 favourite things to do in Luxembourg City

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I battled with myself for a while regarding the city to start with, but given the fact that I have been living in Luxembourg for over 5 years now – it seemed a natural place to start.

Luxembourg is a wonderful country and its capital – Luxembourg Ville – is a gorgeous place full of parks, greenery, beautiful architecture, excellent restaurants, as well as wonderful people. It is considered the safest and one of the richest places on earth. It is called a modern fairytale where the quality of mind is measured in the peace of mind. People speak over 4 languages on average and are very worldly-wise and open-minded.

If you haven’t visited yet – make sure you do!…and then follow the below 10 tips…Enjoy!

1. Rooftop Bar at Sofitel Grand Ducal

Many of you know my passion for views and rooftop bars. The way I look at this is this: I prefer to spend 5-20euro on a drink and enjoy the view rather than to pay a similar amount to climb a flight of stairs of a church or a taking a lift to see a similar view. In the future I will create a post about world best rooftop bars and link it here.

Now, why a rooftop bar is #1 on the list? Because it has the best view over Luxembourg, it has great design and service and the cocktails are among the best in the world (18-25 euros). During the day, just grab a coffee and enjoy the view – you may well get inspired! (and meet your favourite blogger :p)

Address: 40 Boulevard d’Avranches, 1160 Luxembourg, 8th floor

2. Grund

Grund is the oldest and arguably the most beautiful part of town. Everyone visiting Luxembourg should stroll around the old fortifications and enjoy the beautiful views. This part of town also hosts some of the best restaurants (e.g. Mosconi – 2 Michelin stars Italian) and bars (e.g. very popular Scott’s – which also has a great terrace attracting people during sunny days in the city).

3. Place d’Armes

Place d’Armes is the main square and the heart of the Luxembourg Ville (the capital of Luxembourg country) and could easily be ranked #1 as well. It has beautiful architecture, lovely terraces with numerous restaurants and also my favourite hotel in the city called…”Place d’Armes” (5* boutique hotel, part of Relais & Châteaux).

During the summer it attracts numerous tourists due to the aforementioned restaurants as well as numerous performances (live music, street art festival etc.). Being in the very centre of town, it constitutes a great starting point for all the other attractions – which can be done by walking (except #4 and #9 on this list).

4. American Cemetery and Memorial

Trip Advisor ranks this place #1 and I can definitely see why. It’s a wonderful space of historical importance. General George S. Patton is buried here and that is the reason why it attracts numerous American tourists. Although it’s beautiful with neatly cut grass and wonderful greenery, this place also brings many emotions and sad memories of World War II. Many of my friends were very moved by the visit as it makes one reflect on the evil in this world…

For many people outside of US, this may be the first time you visit an American cemetery – in which case it would certainly make a tremendous impression. Well worth a short drive (10min max) from the centre. There is also a bus going from the centre to the cemetery.

Address: 5230 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

5. Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn

This place is an institution in Luxembourg due to its rich history, highest-quality chocolate as well as a view directly on the Grand Ducal Palace (from the terrace). I strongly recommend this place both during winter (to have a hot chocolate or coffee to warm you up) and summer (in which case the terrace is one of the nicest in Luxembourg).

I will not spoil the whole famous chocolate experience, but let me just say there is more than 100 flavours and you absolutely have to try some! Also, many people are so immersed in the experience that they buy gifts for family and friends upon leaving…and they come back again and again … 🙂

Address: 20 Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, 1728 Luxembourg

6. Philharmonie Luxembourg

Opera and music fans will be very pleased to learn that Luxembourg Philharmonie has one of the best acoustics in the world. The building is a design and architectural masterpiece. Designed by famous architect – Christian de Portzamparc – it’s an impressive building located at the beginning of Kirchberg. Opened in 2005 and with 400 performances a year, it is considered as one of the leading concert halls in Europe.

Attending a concert is a must-do even if you’re not a big music fan. Additional reason to visit Philharmonie is that MUDAM – the Museum of Modern Art – is just next to it!

Address: 1 Place de l’Europe, 1499 Luxembourg

7. Le Clairefontaine

My favourite restaurant in Luxembourg. It has 1 Michelin star and is more on the formal, French side. The quality, level of service and value for money you get is exceptional. Many of my close friends are big foodies and ranked this restaurant as one of the top in the world. The price range is rather wide (30 euro for main, 200 euro for tasting menu with wine) but you still pay a fraction of the cost you would for such a treat in Paris, London or New York.

Address: 9 Place de Clairefontaine, 1341 Luxembourg

Reservations strongly recommended weeks in advance.

8. Konrad Café

The best Café in town. Fantastic vibe, a bit on the hipster side (but again, we’re not in Paris, London or New York, so even more formal people will feel comfortable here). It has great coffee and a famous carrot cake. It is a great place to meet friends, relax and enjoy the music, vibe and energy boost. They do some snacks and cocktails as well, so no reason not to stop by.

Address: 7 Rue du Nord, 2229 Luxembourg

9. BOOS Beach Club & Restaurant

Inspired by Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez, this place is the major party place in Luxembourg. It has recently been completely renovated which brought a beautiful design, decent restaurant and a great sound as well as excellent staff.

Perhaps more importantly, it turns into a “beach club” in the summer – which is a big thing for Luxembourg (they do famous Sunday brunch as well – so much fun). You need to drive to get there (around 10min). Taxi would cost around 15-20 euros. Strongly recommended, especially for those who think that Luxembourg is boring! 😉

Address: 31 Rue Biergerkraeiz, 8120 Bridel, Luxembourg

10. Coffee with MJ

Last but not least – if you are ever in Luxembourg, don’t hesitate to reach out! I will be more than happy to get to know you and show you around!

That’s it. The 10 places above should give you a great taste of gorgeous Luxembourg. Don’t hesitate to ask further questions or ask for other tips that match your taste and desired way of spending time while travelling. I’d be more than happy to help & perhaps show you around!! 🙂



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