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Dear all,

It’s time to sum up the 2nd quarter of the year, my first full quarter on e-Toro. I will be providing you a similar summary each quarter, half of the year and full year, along monthly and regular updates that you have already seen.

▩ Overall, I generated 10% with the average Risk Score of 5, which is a good result.

▩ More importantly, every single month since the start has been in the green. As per the attached graph, we are now in the 5th consecutive month of gains. This translates into a really good risk-adjusted return, which would be around 40% pro-rata a year and c.45% with compound interest.

▩ Currently sitting on 20% of cash and picking up some really good deals. Shorts on Americas are very closely watched and some of them may be closed in the coming week(s). Europe continues to be attractive for me as value investor.

▩ We had 18% a month at some point but closed at 5% overall for the month. This is disappointing but some companies halved (such as $AAL and $AML.L ) and if I did not take 40% of profits, we could be even closer to zero. 5% a month is always good.

▩ We have gained over 1,000 followers and nearly 100 Copiers with AUM exceeding $100k. That’s amazing and just a start. It easily puts us to new levels of PI program.

In terms of particular stocks:

▩ $PAH3.DE – My favourite stock since the beginning of my investment here in March. It’s growing steadily and generated over 50% for us this quarter.

▩ $AAL and $AML.L – We’ve made over 100% on these stocks, although now they sit below 30% up. That’s the power of knowing your prices and trading around positions. We’ll refill when the levels reach our requirements again. These companies have their problems, although they’re quite cheap.

▩ $LLOY.L & $INVP.L – They’ve been some of our biggest positions since the beginning of Q2 and we’ve taken a nice profit on them. Now they sit at 10% up and I’m interested in picking up more, especially the latter.

▩ $SESG.PA & $RRTL.DE – We’ve picked up lots of them in June and we love their current valuations, prospects and stability, also of the country they reside in – Luxembourg.

▩ $HMMJ – The worst performer in our portfolio, but I am bullish on it with a 7-year horizon based on the graph I shared with you before. Even if it takes 7 years to triple the investment, it will still generate around 50% a year.

▩ $AMS.ZU – 56% up and despite relatively low investment here, very nice return.

▩ $VNA.DE – 45% up and growing almost every day. Just a beautiful stock and it found its place in our portfolio together with Porsche in March and if I did not increase the funds dramatically and diversified heavily, we will see a similar performance for all the portfolio.

▩ $MSFT – 15% up in little over a month with wonderful behavior as well. $NSDQ100 reaching historical highs is worrying here, but we like Microsoft due to its cloud business, LinkedIn, Teams and others. Very good financial results as well.

Overall, I am happy with the risk-adjusted return for the quarter. Slightly gutted that we had 25% up and went down in the 2nd half of June, but markets went down even more, thus it saved us that I took 40% profit. Now is a perfect time to refill and so what was taken from us will be added in the overall performance for the 6-24 month horizon goal of 50%+ as I explained numerous times.

In terms of the future, I have recently recorded a video about it for you:

Massive thanks to all the Copiers for your trust and engagement. We remain very confident and excited about the upcoming 6-months and beyond! 🚀

If you or any of your friends are not on e-Toro and want to join and Copy me, please use the following link:

For all the New Copiers interested in joining the MJ Copiers Club, please see the pinned post at the top of the Feed. I will also be holding a 30-min webinar with 15-min presentation and 15-min Q&A. Stay tuned!



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