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Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc Analysis

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I sold Aston Martin from 283 to 83 in 5 days on 01/04/2020. Then started buying it at 45 and stopped buying at 38.98. The stock went down further on bad earnings call that I attended live and then started going up from 30 to 87 where I sold 50% of my position.

My intention was to wait till 43, and perhaps 37.5 to buy more and then buy massively if it reached 30 again, but I actually bought lots today at 45.8. Why?

Have a look at the attached email. DBX will be a game changer for the profitability of Aston. $Porsche SUVs account for over 50% of all car sales. As much as I don’t like SUV and like sport cars, DBX has a chance to become the best SUV on the market (after mixed success of Lambo Urus).

After my test drive of DB11, I still cannot forget the drive. That is more DB11 was a much better car in my experience than my previously ordered $Ferrari Portofino. Their Vanquish and DB9 are still hot on the market and the DBS Superleggera sits at the pinnacle of the Aston Martin production range.

What is more, the Formula 1 started last week. Although quite big focus on safety and Black Lives Matter, there was quite a good interest in it. Redbulls are doing well and ASTON MARTIN brand is very visible there. Naturally, when Aston rejoins the F1, the stock will just sky-rocket, but even with the start of the season, this brings a lot of fans and makes billionaires dream a bit more about racing cars. Another race is this weekend, so a lot of eyes on Aston. A lot of wealthy eyes too.

I have written extensively about $AML.L before, so I will not repeat myself about the ownership, liquidity etc. Instead, have a look here:

In terms of what’s new, the recent issuance diluted us about 20%, so with the big positive news coming, I’d put my analyst ranking at BUY with a target price of 81.

Don’t forget it’s a risky stock, therefore please be careful here.

Many thanks, best regards and looking forward,


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