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Malta Top 5

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Malta is a very interesting island, nestled in Europe and having a rich and diversified history and, consequently, architecture. According to Wikipedia, Malta has been inhabited since approximately 5900 BC. It has access to the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys warm and sunny climate.

My first trip to Malta was in November 2019 and I enjoyed the sun and the sea during the winter in Europe. Below are my Top 5 things to-do:

1. Gozo Island

The Island of Gozo is the 2nd biggest island in the archipelago but it made the biggest impression on me. Starting with the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu (pictured above) through Tal Mixta Cave and Ggantija temples, ending with wonderful beaches, it has everything to create a wonderful and unforgettable holiday.

Gozo has so many attractions that it is virtually impossible to see everything in one day. For that, I can recommend the Malta Hop On and Hop Off red buses. It was the first time in my life that I took the hop-on and hop-off bus, but it was certainly worth it. It allowed me to see the main attractions, take some pictures and spent a bit more time at the places I wanted to visit the most. Gozo is much bigger than I initially thought and therefore several days are recommended to fully enjoy the island.

2. Upper Barakka Gardens

Public gardens in the capital of Malta – Valletta, boasting the best views of the sea and the Grand Harbour. The Gardens attract numerous tourists who can enjoy a coffee or a meal, relax in the gardens and take some memorable photos.

The Gardens were actually the most recommended thing to-do by my friends and they certainly do not disappoint. They include several monuments and memorials to a number of prominent people, including Sir Winston Churchill, and a replica of the statue Les Gavroches (The street boys).

3. Comino Island

Comino is a much smaller island than Gozo (it has 3 residents) and is more focused on beach-holiday. The colour of the water at the Blue Lagoon bay looks absolutely surreal and even if you do not apply any filter, it will look like you photoshoped the photos you took!

There are very little attractions (Saint Mary’s Tower, Comino Chapel), but the views and the beaches create a perfect spot to enjoy this 3.5 km2 island before hopping on a ferry and visiting Gozo (#1 on this list).

4. Valletta

Valletta is one of the smallest European capitals but it has much to offer: from palaces, museums, cathedrals (e.g. St. John’s) and squares to the Barakka Gardens (#2 on the list). Since it’s the capital, it also has shopping as well as business links and is a vibrant and central part of the country.

Its wonderful, mainly Baroque, architecture inspires and takes you back in time a little. Actually, it feels a bit like a huge, open-air museum. Valletta’s buildings date back to the 16th century and the city has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.

5. Hilton Malta

Staying with the Hilton was absolutely wonderful. It is a proper 5-star hotel that exceeded my expectations. From the moment of arrival – entering this imposing building, through world-class service – to enjoying its amenities – everything was spotless. I was greeted warmly, recognized as Gold member, upgraded to a wonderful room with amazing sea view and they also sent Prosecco to the room as a warm welcome gesture, which went well with Macaroons already in the room.


There are 4 outdoor swimming pools with amazing views (see picture above), 1 indoor pool, gym, space, conference center and much more. Having breakfast on the terrace in mid-November was just wonderful and the choice more than satisfactory with their egg-making station as one of the top highlights. Upon arrival, I felt that I wanted to stay there forever and I still have fond memories. More pictures and videos on my 2 Instagram accounts: and

Address: Vjal Portomaso St Julian’s PTM, 01, Malta &

There we have it – 5 top things to-do in Malta! This is just for a good beginning and a 2-3 day trip there. In order to enjoy Gozo more and also discover bars and restaurants, you can easily spend a week or two there.

I will likely be back, especially for the room with a view as well as sun and the beaches.

Have you been to Malta? What are your favourite things to do there? Tell us in the comments below!

Safe travels & Moving is Living!



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