• MJ


Many of you know me as the long-term value investor buying undervalued stocks. As such, I have not been largely exposed to US quoted technology sector.

Why Peloton is different?

1. First and foremost, I have had them on the watchlist for a while now, as I love the business concept and the business model. I’ve always been into sports and have been pitching the importance of exercise whenever I possibly could. The idea of combining exercise and social interaction, also in the comfort of your home / garden – I think is a brilliant one.

2. I attended the first ever call with Investors on 15/09 and I was really impressed by the presentation, not only from the numbers perspective (have a look at some of the slides attached) but also from the leadership, vision, mission, clarity and ambitions perspective. To some extent, I’ve felt it’s the new Apple and I see a lot of comparisons, mainly from the go-to-market and marketing as well as branding strategies.