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Marcin Jasinski - MJ -
The Consultant

CEO Advisor and Management Consultant
Demonstrated Global Leadership, Strategy, and Training Expertise

Marcin Jasinski - MJ - Consulting Services

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CEO Advisory | Management Consulting

Harvard Business School educated executive based in Luxembourg, with Fortune 500 leadership, marketing, strategy, sales, operations and CRM experience, passionate about helping clients in CEO Advisory as well as Business, Management, Marketing and Strategy Consulting. Industry expertise: Financial Services, Wealth Management, Technology, Fintech, Art.



► Advisor to the CEO for a Luxembourg-based leader in Audio-Visual industry.

► Advisor to the CEO for a Frankfurt-based leader in Human Resources and Corporate Mentoring.

► Chief Strategy Officer for a Fintech firm in London, UK.


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Serge Ugarte, Founder & CEO at Piercing View

"MJ is a very accomplished strategist.  He has been extremely valuable in developing our marketing strategy, identifying high value targets/clients, and crafting the appropriate 'pitch' for each unique circumstance.  Thank you!"


Skype: mj.jasinski


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