New York City – MJ Top 10

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Today, I’m on a plane back from New York City – a city that I had the honour, pleasure and fortune to visit 5 years in a row now. No wonder they wrote so many songs about New York. This is the very centre of the universe, a city that never sleeps, a place to make your dreams come true, a city full of energy and ambition.

Although during my 1st visit to NYC and US I was more impressed by California, now – having travelled so much and knowing NYC a bit better – I must say this is the most exciting City in the world. There’s just so much things to do (I still have lots on my to-do list), people are so ambitious, hard-working and competitive, and the City just makes you feel so energized that it makes sleep useless. Whether you like art, sports, bars, parks, food or anything else – I’m sure you’ll find it here and it will be, without a doubt, world-class.

With that, let’s move to my top 10 things to do:

1. Top of the Rock

New York is the city of dreams, skyscrapers, success, influence and power. Top of the Rock (Observation deck at Rockefeller Center) offers the most amazing views over the city. You should definitely take your camera with you and make those unforgettable photos. Also, be patient as the queues to the Top may be long (quite random actually, there is an option to pre-book your time slot online), but it will certainly be worth it! Just do it! 🙂 2010 Concierge Choice Award Winner.

Address: 50th street between 5th and 6th Avenue &

2. Central Park