Torun – where MJ was born – Insider Top 5

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Torun is a city in northern Poland famous for the fact that Nicolaus Copernicus was born here. It is also famous for its ginger bread. Finally, I was born here as well, not yet famous for it…perhaps one day 😉

Since I was born here, the below 5 tips are really from someone who is local and made sure to make a modern twist to the list, as Torun has been changing over the years, especially with some amazing restaurants popping up.

1. Old Town

The medieval old town is truly impressive, a fact recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will find the Copernicus statue here – a place where all the locals meet.


It is also a starting point for the main sightseeing locations, such as The Leaning Tower, Copernicus House or the Ginger Museum, as well as bars and restaurants. The old town is beautifully lit during Christmas as well, so that you can enjoy it in all seasons!

Address: 1 Old Town Market Square, Torun, Poland &,l2.html